Crap Games: Take Advantage of High Odds

First of all, it should be noted that crap games turn out to provide gamblers with one of the highest odds for the winnings. In fact, craps is supposed to be a gambling game, which has extremely low house edge.

Of course, at first sight, playing crap games may turn out to be staggering to some extent. Indeed, craps is rather dynamic and rapid online casino game, which has its own peculiarities concerning the playing table and the rules.

The Rules in Craps

First of all, it should be mentioned that like sic bo, craps is a gambling dice game of chance, but it is played with the help of 2 dice. Moreover, a player, who is throwing the dice, is usually referred to as the "shooter". According to the craps rules, the shooter is supposed to start a new round by throwing the dice.

It must be taken into consideration that 2 dice turn out to have different numbers from 1 to 6. After a roll out, the numbers are summed up and it appears to be an outcome.

Actually, there exist several possible outcomes after the first round of the game. If the "shooter" throws dice and 7 or 11 appears, he is supposed to win, because these combinations are known to be winning.

If the shooter rolls out 2, 3 or 12, he is likely to lose immediately. In fact, these numbers are usually referred to as "craps".

If it happens that any other number appears after the initial throw, it becomes the so-called "point" number. According to the rules, the shooter should roll out the "point" number again in order to win. If it happens that 7 appears before the point number, it means that the shooter is sure to lose.

It should be noted that if you are not eager to be the shooter, you have a possibility to pass the dice to another gambler.

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