How to Play Keno

The keno game serves to help study the concise calculation related to the odds of winnings and the expected returns, which refers to the eventual results that come about from each invested unit as time goes by.

Anybody can play keno games at various establishments, which are wired to TV screens and an outstanding machine that looks like a money register - but in hot pink. The player completes a tiny slip with a pencil, which the attendant will then give to the pink machine. In turn, this will generate a computerized ticket that cannot be tampered through cryptographic checksum. The games are played within four minutes of one another and can be watched on a TV monitor.

After that, the computer will choose twenty numbers and the payout will be calculated, depending on the amount of chosen numbers and matching numbers. When it comes to 9-spot and 10-spot games, however, a payout also exists when the player cannot match numbers. This is obviously an unlikely event when it comes to 9 or 10 chosen numbers that match any number dealt from the 0-number pool.

Several Mathematical Equations

  • The amount of potential results equals the amount of combinations that come from the 80 numbers - but at 20 each time.
  • The amount of ways with which a certain amount of numbers chosen by a player shows up within the 20 randomly chosen numbers by the main keno computer will equal to the amount of ways with which an amount of numbers will show up from a certain number set.
  • The amount of ways with which the rest do not show up within the 20 chosen numbers given through the amount of ways with which 20 numbers are chosen from the 80-number set.

In general, however, the greatest game for players would be the 3-spot game, where the expected return comes around to 62 cents a dollar, or around 38% in losses. The 7-spot games are close behind, too, coming to around 60 cents a dollar. And, without a surprise, even though there is an incredibly high payout for its strong performance, 10-spot game shows up to be the worst for any players. by far the poorest from the player's perspective.

Look for casinos with the best payouts.

It goes without saying that while gambling online, a casino player should pay attention to such a significant item as casinos payouts. Actually, every online casino is supposed to have its own payout percentage. That is why it is important to find top ranked casino with the largest payouts.