Types of Bets

Keno is a type of lottery games, originated in China, but later spread to the United States and eventually, all around the world. Many tales and myths are associated with Keno, all of them different versions. Several people claim that the game was started by Cheung Leung, a military official, in an attempt to fix the army's financial deterioration. However, other people believe that the game was created to help students learn the thousands of Chinese characters that exist out there.

Later Game Developments

Keno eventually became an extremely popular game in the gambling industry. Because of the development of internet connectivity and technology, online casino gambling has made an important impact on online gaming. Nowadays, most gambling fanatics have switched their preference to online casinos, enjoying a variety of online gambling games, as well as new strategies and tricks.

Keno is a casino game that is extremely easy to play and can be enjoyed by anybody. It is basically a game of lottery, and even those that have never paid attention or played the lottery can quickly learn the general rules of online keno. Essentially, it is a betting game in which players simply place their bets before the machine draws the numbers.

The Different Keno Bets

There are a variety of different bets involved when playing online keno, all of which are described in summary below:

  • In straight ticket, the player can mark 1 or more numbers on a ticket.
  • A split ticket allows players to bet on 2 number groups on one ticket. In order to do this, the number groups have to be circled.
  • With a way ticket, players bet on a combination of groups on one single ticket.
  • With a combination ticket, 1 or 2 groups of bets are interlinked together, creating several tickets in a single ticket.
  • With a king ticket, one lone number is selected as a bet out of several number groups.
  • With a multi-race ticket, players can play up to more than 2 sessions - one after another - using the same ticket.

Look for casinos with the best payouts.

It goes without saying that while gambling online, a casino player should pay attention to such a significant item as casinos payouts. Actually, every online casino is supposed to have its own payout percentage. That is why it is important to find top ranked casino with the largest payouts.